September, 2017

Emteria GmbH started operations.

August, 2017

Emteria GmbH was founded in Aachen, Germany.

May, 2017

The emteria wins a one year founding scholarship from the EXIST program by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the EU.

February, 2017

Emteria GmbH is merged with the RTAndroid project at the Embedded Software Laboratory at RWTH Aachen University. Igor Kalkov wrote his PhD thesis about the real time capabilities of Android. It provides a reliable execution environment for applications with real-time requirements on common mobile devices. The platform benefits from Android’s high usability and its wide range of supported hardware. The application framework and the original system API are extended with functionality that turn Android into a predictable and deterministic soft real-time system. Due to the fact that RTAndroid is fully backward compatibility to the original Android platform, application development is just as comfortable as for the stock Android platform. Android is built upon a Linux kernel, which has been modified in RTAndroid to allow deterministic priority-based process scheduling. Furthermore, RTAndroid introduces a number of additional features to ensure a reliable process execution:

  • Predictable inter-process communication using Intent broadcasting
  • Non-blocking, real-time capable garbage collection
  • Extended system services for bypassing Android’s low memory process killer
  • Isolation of the running real-time application on one of the available CPUs

The synergy of the described techniques allows predictable execution times and significantly reduced latencies.


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