Use cases

Selection of possible private use-cases

(eg. Raspberry Pi 3 B and Raspberry Pi 3 B+)

Easy and simple: How to find your favorite app
We already integrated F-Droid in our system. Furthermore you can install Yalp.
Play your favorite Android game
With the help of previously mentioned solutions (see left) users can easily find their favorite Android apps including popular games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Minecraft and so on.
Watch videos and listen to music
You can also download all the major apps and watch your favorite music videos.
Get inspiration from other users
Visit our forum and share your ideas with them. You will also find plenty of exciting use-cases there.

Selection of possible industrial use-cases

(any device)


The digitalization and applications for the Internet of Things are the biggest trends in the agricultural sector. With emteria.OS we provide a scalable yet cost-efficient solution to track machine data including positioning, consumption and grazing.


Building Automation

Controlling smart buildings and local monitoring systems requires an intuitive and efficient way to interact with computer systems. emteria.OS is the operating system of choice for creating automated homes and smart facilities.


Vending Machines

Improving the buying experience is important in every business. Intuitive interactive panels increase not only the customer satisfaction but also company revenue. Every vending machine for goods, ticketing or ATMs can benefit from the familiar interface of the emteria.OS.


Industrial Devices

The emteria.OS enables familiar and adaptable HMI solutions for replacing the old-fashioned user interfaces. Modern industrial applications may easily incorporate cloud services and can be operated from any place in the world.



Our platform enables an easy integration of modern Android-based interfaces, opening endless opportunities for customization. In addition to the rich infotainment platform, connecting emteria.OS with on-board diagnostics allows it to interact with non-critical vehicle components.


Avionic Infotainment

Airplane manufacturers and suppliers invest heavily in modern hardware and up-to-date operating systems like Androidâ„¢. The best choice for them is emteria.OS as it is the only industrial-grade Android derivative available on the market.


Digital Signage

Vendors use smart digital signage solutions to advertise attractive offers to their clients and potential clients, which often depend on dynamically changing factors varying from business and environment, such as active promotion, vacation times or even the current weather.


Point of Sales

Design intuitive and adaptable PoS terminals with emteria.OS. It offers a fully-fledged application framework for the implementation of your database logic and a beautiful customer experience.