Why not Windows? My customers already know it.

Did you know that the last Windows Embedded or product was released in August 2013 and its mainstream support ends in October 2018 (see Windows Embedded Product Lifecycle)? The mainstream support for Windows 10 LTSB is also limited to 5 years only (see Windows 10 Lifecycle). Although your customers might be familiar with Windows, they also might get severely annoyed as soon as the next problem occurs. And of course there is nobody to fix it.

Recent studies show that Android has already reached approximately 75% of the worldwide OS market share (see statista.com), which is a reliable indication that your customers are probably already used to Android and know how use it. Our focus is providing reliable software and long term support tailored specifically for the industrial market. Furthermore, from our very personal opinion, the rich application framework and the better user experience make Android the OS of choice for modern products (see also our Product Comparison Table).