Electrolux do Brasil S.A is the Brazilian subsidiary of Electrolux AB, a major Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer. For its Brazilian plant, Electrolux has created an innovative inhouse production information platform based on emteria.OS.

watt24 GmbH is our German partner specialized in delivering professional light solutions. Emteria and watt24 have designed a Smart Home Tablet for WIFI/Bluetooth controlled light elements.

The Geniatech Developer Board IV integrates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c SoC with a vast range of connectivity options for use in industrial applications. It is designed to reliably serve in all common application scenarios from the IoT to high-performance set-top boxes. Thanks to its long term availability and support it is a very popular board among the industry.

Distec GmbH is a German hardware developer which has created the Artista-IoT device. It combines the power of a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) with a fully integrated display and baseboard solution. Artista-IoT is a perfect solution for industrial HMI applications.

Acme Systems srl is an Italian Hardware seller. The ACME CM3-Panel is based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module to be used as the front panel of interactive products. Its 7 inch TFT with capacitive touch is a perfect solution for different industrial scenarios with limited form factors ranging between the IoT and set-top boxes.

Ticket Team B.V. was one of emteria’s first business clients and developed a ticket machine for a famous football stadium in the Netherlands. Furthermore, their automated ticketing and access control systems are also used in museums all over the world.

Jinn-Bot already stays in touch with us from the very beginning. Their vision is to become a leading provider of humanoid robots in the field of communication and interaction.