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    1. Download the setup file: Installer for emteria.OS
    2. Install the „RPiBoot“-Tool for your OS: Flashing the Compute Module eMMC
    3. Disconnect the Artista Board from the power supply
    4. Connect a MiniUSB-cable with the plug/connector to the board, see:
    5. Connect the other side of the cable with the computer
    6. Start „rpiboot“ Tool – a black window will state „Waiting for BCM2835/6/7“
    7. Connect the power supply to the board
    8. Wait…
    9. At some time there will be further information in the window… wait…
    10. After a while, this window will disappear
    11. In between further windows and even error messages might appear. Please ignore and close them.
    12. Your computer will detect one or more hard drives
    13. Start the emteria.OS setup tool and login yourself
    14. Choose “Distec Artista-IoT” – latest Version (Sept. 2019: v0.6.0)
    15. Setup the image on the new hard drive (should be 4 GB)
    16. Exit the installer, disconnect the Artista Board from the power supply and disconnect the USB-cable
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