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    For the RPi 4 we currently only offer nightlies and beta builds up until all functionality is ported and tested. The information given here adhere to the current beta version of emteria.OS for Raspberry Pi 4, which is v11.3.0, no claim to completeness:

    Supported peripherals for Raspberry Pi 4B

    Supported USB cameras (works only with HDMI display, not DSI):

    • EACH CA601
    • Logitech C210
    • Logitech C270 HD Webcam

    Currently known issues with emteria.OS for Raspberry Pi 4

    • Missing apps and features:
      • TWRP
    • Problems with Bluetooth LE
    • Hardware:
      • USB cameras are not detected when using official touchscreen through DSI
      • No CSI connector support (next on the roadmap!)
      • Support for only one simultaneous Bluetooth connection
      • Spedal MF920Pro USB Webcam

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