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    Our standard image comes with userdata partitions up to 8 GB, which is suitable for SD cards up to 16 GB and most use-cases. On demand we offer larger userdata partitions. The next steps explain how to integrate the larger userdata partitions and flash them.

    1. Navigate to the base image

      You should first download the version you want to use with our installer. It provides an option to “download only” the image. Afterwards go to
      C:\Users\<your admin user>\AppData\Local\Emteria\Emteria.OS Installer\rpi4-v11.x.y on Windows or home/<user>/.local/share/Emteria/Emteria.OS Installer

    2. Open package information

      Open the package.json and search for the entry:
      "file": "",
      "sha256": "b460ab8def60aed0df250f0c8d9d3a87500f085ff41064da6a167c467aeaa2ef",
      "md5": "94db2cedb5c4ba5088f9b39f99e6954d",
      "purposes": [ "installer" ]

    3. Extend package information

      Add additional entry after it with the provided information:
      "file": "",
      "sha256": "provided sha256",
      "md5": "provided md5",
      "purposes": ["installer"]

      Don’t forget the “,” to separate the entries!

    4. Flash the image

      In our installer choose “Skip login and use local image”. Navigate to the folder, where you edited the package.json and proceed like usual.
      Beware: Flashing a large userdata partition can take several hours depending on the size and speed of your SD card.

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