Our partners

Electrolux do Brasil S.A is the Brazilian subsidiary of Electrolux AB, a major Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer. For its Brazilian plant, Electrolux has created an innovative inhouse production information platform based on emteria.OS.

The Geniatech Developer Board IV integrates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c SoC with a vast range of connectivity options for use in industrial applications. It is designed to reliably serve in all common application scenarios from the IoT to high-performance set-top boxes. Thanks to its long term availability and support it is a very popular board among the industry.

Distec GmbH is a German hardware developer which has created the Artista-IoT device. It combines the power of a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) with a fully integrated display and baseboard solution. Artista-IoT is a perfect solution for industrial HMI applications.

Acme Systems srl is an Italian Hardware seller. The ACME CM3-Panel is based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module to be used as the front panel of interactive products. Its 7 inch TFT with capacitive touch is a perfect solution for different industrial scenarios with limited form factors ranging between the IoT and set-top boxes.

Ticket Team B.V. was one of emteria’s first business clients and developed a ticket machine for a famous football stadium in the Netherlands. Furthermore, their automated ticketing and access control systems are also used in museums all over the world.

Jinn-Bot already stays in touch with us from the very beginning. Their vision is to become a leading provider of humanoid robots in the field of communication and interaction.