The following services are aviable on request.

Service Description
E-Mail support Guaranteed response in 72 h
Priority support Guaranteed response in 24 h or 48 h
Long-term support Available as long as you or your customers need us
Telephone support Available during German business hours
Customization area Customize your product under (emteria.OS account required)
White Label branding Have your own brand / logo (eg. boot sequence)
Kiosk-Mode Enable only the apps of your choice for your customers
Real-time extension Latency Benchmark on RP3: Standard dev. Android 3436 μs vs. RTAndroid 2 μs
Portation to a new board If you request this, our development team will love you. 🙂
Individual development Eg. integration of a driver or third party apps
App development Have your own app
Cloud solution We can connect our system easily to your cloud solution or setup a new cloud if you require one
Backups Frequent saving into archives
Repos Have your own app store(!)
Individual app server Have your own app server
User data analytics Receive useful information about the usage of your product